• Why The Peace Sign?

    This year we will be donating 100% of our profits to help free child soldiers, give people access to clean drinking water, and heal our oceans. How epic would it be for kids to play as kids should! Always have GOOD clean water to drink, and live with clean healthy oceans! WOW that'd be SOOO good!! And we want to be a part of that world! These Vibeys are for World Peace and your little piece of the puzzle! Stay stoked knowing you're doing good, learn more, and try spreading good vibes in your own way!!

    ~ Make Peace Grow ~













  • New Sizes!

    XL was the only size of Vibey for a while, but we realized one size doesn't actually fit ALL. That's why we made another size to really spread the vibes to the whole world of people! Introducing X X L!!!!!! Even bigger! Even Vibeyier! Stay stoked and warm in one of the biggest hoodies the world has to offer!













  • Sizing Recommendations

    < 5'11" - XL

    > 5'11" - XXL


    ~ JOB 8:21 ~




    was inspired by that transcendent fleeting feeling, those RAD vibes, when you're outdoors in God's creation with your best friend! And whatever it is that you're throwing just feels SOOO good!! Floating that double tail-grab over a fresh groomed 40-footer, hitting the lip on a glassy wave in Indo at 6am with nobody out, or sticking that last 360 flip bolts at the end of an epic line! Shoot! Even a rickety ollie in your parent's driveway or just pizza-french-frying it down the mountain with some buds, whatever! If you're in your zone and stoked 'cuz you feel like you're killing it! THAT's the BEST feeling in the world! We're all about making it happen and sharing it with others. So soak in these tasty vibes, and when you're overflowing spread 'em round, and make the world a little vibeyier of a place!!

  • jibs & jives by marcel p.

  • slow powder

  • joshua tree by niles g.

  • longboard short by marcel p.

  • santa cruz lifestyle vid filmed & edited by our friend Chris

  • ✌️ 🌍 🌱